Community Management

Apart from offering the full gamut of traditional owners corporation management services, we appreciate the importance of social glue and community engagement.

Essential’s online client portal provides residents with convenient access to all building information and a meeting place that’s open 24/7. Here is everything from policy booklets and whitegoods manuals to preferred contractors and maintenance request forms. Building managers, service providers and local businesses can reach residents through a digital notice board as well as through push notifications via email or text messages.

The client portal is the perfect way to arrange events, such as Christmas parties, and it enables residents to start their own special-interest groups, like reading or sports clubs. Add Essential’s on-site notifications in both Mandarin and English and phone support staff fluent in five languages, and you have the makings of a strong community spirit, with everyone engaged in the management of their building.

Result? An attractive residential culture, minimised tenant turnover and maximised owner ROI.

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