Why Essential

Over the past 35 years, we have worked on some of the world’s most prestigious and complex developments, and we have learnt valuable lessons along the way. Today, no other owners corporation management company in Victoria can match what we offer.

Joining projects as early as the design stage, Essential delivers personalised hands-on services to ensure that every step of the development process is aligned with the interests of the future owners corporation.

From large-scale aspects such as master-planning of 5-star hotel precincts to relatively minor details such as choice of tiles in building foyers, we base every recommendation on what we have seen work in the past. This makes for smooth handovers and creates cost-efficient and highly liveable environments that strengthen developer brands and maximise returns for owners.

Essential’s trademark processes and systems have unsurprisingly evolved to become the industry-accepted Best Practice, to the point where we have consulted on new legislation for international governments.