Adrian Quinn

Our Executive Chairman, Adrian Quinn, has over 36 years’ experience in development consultation services and owners corporation management.

Back in 1990, Adrian founded Melbourne company Property Essentials and quickly gained a reputation for his quality services. He soon found himself managing over 100 buildings with a combined value of some $5.5 billion. These included many of Australia’s largest and most famous developments, such as the Eureka Tower, Yarra’s Edge, New Quay and The Melburnian.

In 2007, Adrian relocated to the United Arab Emirates, where he established Essential and went on to work on some of the most complex buildings and master plans there are. He consulted on Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, five of the world’s tallest residential towers and city plans involving 55,000 lots per project.

Having brought Essential back to Melbourne in 2011, Adrian is currently working on the next tallest developments in Australia, Australia 108, as well as a number of other premium buildings.