Sky-High Celebrations at A108

March 18, 2021 | News & Events

SKY-HIGH CELEBRATIONS! To celebrate the official completion of Melbourne’s super-skyscrapper, Australia 108 will play host to the highest live-streamed performance in the Southern Hemisphere by the world-renowned Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Playing a repertoire of sky-high scores, the free “Symphony in the Sky” event will see musicians play simultaneously from a selection of spaces at Australia 108’s exclusive Star Club on levels 70 and 71 – 210 metres above the ground and will be streamed by the MSO on its YouTube channel here from 7:30pm on Sunday 21 March.

Musicians from the MSO will perform Steve Reich’s City Life, Matthew Hindson’s A Symphony of Modern Objects, Mark Blitstein’s An Airborne Symphony and Paul Kelly’s iconic From St Kilda to Kings Cross in this special city skyline-themed virtual event.

World Class Global CEO David Ng, the developer which built Australia 108, said the concert aimed to celebrate the completion of the Australia 108 landmark on Melbourne’s skyline and welcome it to the cityscape. “We hope this performance inspires music lovers and Melbourne lovers alike to dream large and look up, as Australia 108’s height reminds us just what is possible,” he said.

We are excited to be part of this spectacular free concert celebration by World Class Global Limited. Congratulations to all involved in this massive and rewarding journey!